Instructions for Authors

Instruction for Authors

1. The contributions should have clear claims, informative language, reasonable logic, and concise illustrations.

2. To submit your contributions to the journal, please go to the journal webpage at, click the Submission Online in the “Author Center” box, to register first, and then upload the article details following the web instructions. The article should be composited by Latex or Word, and for the formats please refer to the Template, which could be downloaded from the webpage of the journal by click the Template in the “Author Center” box.

3. Generally speaking, articles in Chinese with English title and English abstract are welcome since we are obligated to publish in Chinese.

4. The abstract should be the map of the article, and could fully demonstrate the main viewpoints and conclusions, no less than 400 Chinese characters, in order to have readers to catch the main objectives, methods, results, and conclusions of the research. It is also required that the abstract in English should be consistent with the abstract in Chinese.

5. Duplicated submissions are strictly forbidden. Please do not submit to other journals or conferences after submitting to Journal of Cryptologic Research. Authors could proceed to submit the article to other destination if it is not accepted in three months.

6. At present, we do not charge any fees for submission to and publish at Journal of Cryptologic Research, but pay to the authors as long as the article is published. For the outstanding articles deemed after peer review process, we will publish them earlier than regular pace.